I met Brad Keyes a couple of years ago when he emailed me to ask about the requirements for the annual inspection of fire doors.  Since then, Brad has become my trusted resource on health care life safety requirements.  He has started a blog for his health care consulting firm (KeyesLifeSafety.com), and covers various topics related to health care, including some posts about doors.  If you have a question for Brad and don’t find the answer on his blog, he is very generous with his time and will likely answer your question if you submit it using the link on his site.  He is an expert on NFPA 101 – The Life Safety Code, and is my go-to guy for all things health care.

Check out his blog!  Some recent door-related posts…

Keep in mind that most of Brad’s information is based on NFPA 101 – The Life Safety Code, as that is what the Joint Commission and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Studies (CMS) uses to inspect existing health care facilities.

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