Fifteen+ years ago when I was answering technical support and customer service calls for the local Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies office, some of the most common complaints/questions were about concealed vertical rod exit devices.  Installers HATED them because they were difficult to install and adjust.  End users had a lot of problems maintaining them and keeping them properly adjusted, especially if they were installed by an inexperienced installer.  So my early experience with the company, and prior to that with a hardware distributor, taught me that concealed vertical rods = problems.  I developed a strong preference for removable mullions with rim panic hardware.

Then I entered the next phase of my career as a specwriter, and learned that there are some architects out there who do not appreciate the beauty, security, and durability of a removable mullion.  Many architects seem to prefer that all hardware be completely invisible, and with panic hardware there is a definite preference for concealed vertical rod devices.  Now what?  End users and installers on one side, architects on the other, and me and my mullion in the middle.

To solve my problem, Von Duprin has introduced the Concealed Vertical Cable (CVC) exit device, with a cable system replacing the concealed rods.  The CVC is available with the 98/99 series or 33/35 series, with either top and bottom latches, or “Less Bottom Cable” (LBC).  The new device is easy to install and adjust…but will the installers agree?

Many of the frequently asked questions have already been answered on the FAQ document available here.

Here’s a link to more CVC information on the Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies website.

When I first saw the new CVC exit device I had a lot of questions, and I’m sure some of you do too.  Here’s your chance to get them answered.  After you check out the video and documentation above, then leave your questions in the comments field.  Joseph Vaida, Portfolio Marketing Manager – Mechanical, is ready, willing, and able to answer them.

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