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Jun 03 2013

New York City – Part 1

Over the weekend I spent some time in New York with my friends, and as you can probably imagine I saw A LOT of doors of interest.  Here are some of them…

These bronze pulls are unusual, and a great illustration of what happens to US10B finish (oil-rubbed bronze) over time:

Bronze Ladies

This door made a political statement.  Hopefully it’s not an exit:

Political Statement

High security:

Bike Lock a

I like this pull and the coordination of the lock location, except that it looks like it’s mounted somewhere around my kneecap which is not within the allowable range for accessibility.  Maybe it’s considered, “a lock used only for security purposes and not for normal operation”, which can be mounted at any height.

Offset Pull

An art-deco style pull:

Art Deco Pull

Sometimes you’ve just got to improvise:

Grungey Door a   Locks a

This one has had quite a few modifications:

Modifications a

The door to Harry Winston is quite a contrast to the grungier doors above:

Harry Winston

What makes this a “detective lock”?

Detective Lock

What do you think of this improvisation?  The exit sign has been moved to above the functional door, and the non-functional doors are marked.  It looks a bit odd to me but I’m sure the remaining exits provide enough egress from the store.

No Exit a

No Exit Close Up

More from NYC tomorrow!

4 Responses to “New York City – Part 1”

  1. Tony says:

    Just the tip of the iceberg.
    Tony-Abbey locksmith inc.
    stop by and say hello.
    1558 2nd ave bet 80-81 sts.

    • Lori says:

      We didn’t make it to that neighborhood…we were at 3rd and 53rd, spent some time in Soho, Little Italy, the Meatpacking District. You’d have to stay for 6 months to see it all!

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