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Jul 18 2010

Thumbturn Rim Cylinder

Category: Locks & KeysLori @ 10:16 am Comments (10)

This application came across my desk last week and for the life of me I couldn’t think of where someone would use it.  I don’t remember ever being asked for a rim cylinder with a thumbturn, and people ask me for all kinds of random things.

For anyone who has wondered about the difference between a rim cylinder and a mortise cylinder and which one to use where, it basically depends on what kind of locking hardware the cylinder will be used with.  Mortise cylinders are threaded, and have a cam on the back.  Rim cylinders attach with screws and have a tailpiece on the back.  The lock/panic hardware manufacturer’s catalog will show which type of cylinder is needed.


Thumbturn Rim CylinderLast week one of the Ingersoll Rand specwriters was looking for a rim cylinder with a thumbturn.  Thumbturn cylinders are typically mortise cylinders and are used with mortise deadbolts, narrow stile locks, etc.  Schlage offers a thumbturn rim cylinder as a special product (product #XB11-979).  It was designed for use on a Von Duprin 98/99 exit device with the -2 option (ex. 99L-2).

The -2 option is a cylinder on the active head of the panic device, which can be used to lock or unlock the outside lever handle (or other trim).  The Von Duprin rim device uses a rim cylinder for this function, and the mortise device uses a mortise cylinder.  The thumbturn rim cylinder allows the locking/unlocking to be accomplished without a key, for areas where the convenience of a thumbturn is preferred over the security of a key cylinder.  The thumbturn position also gives visual confirmation that the lever handle is locked.

Any other ideas about where a thumbturn rim cylinder would come in handy?


10 Responses to “Thumbturn Rim Cylinder”

  1. Travis Willis says:

    Was this for an application in the NW? I have this in a spec but they want it engraved “lock/unlock”

    • Lori says:

      Hi Travis –

      I’m not sure which project the original product request was for. One of our specwriters in Oregon said he had specified it on a few projects, and one of our specwriters in Minnesota also had at least one project. The photo came from one of our specwriters in Australia. It’s a team effort. 🙂

      – Lori

  2. Josh Weaver says:

    I am starting to see this on new school projects in midwest spec’d by IR.

  3. Rick L says:

    I have to use one on an antique Alarm Lock(Detex) alarmed exit. It’s a hallway door and
    The fire inspector wants a thumb turn on the out swing side.

  4. Mike Yelinek says:

    This is the same configuration that we are using to make our classrooms easy for any student or instructor to lock down the Von Duprin outside trim on fire rated openings. I am the locksmith at a community college district in california and the administration asked me to find a solution to easy lockdown in the event of an emergency. Active shooter, etc. This has proven to be an effective solution and staff and administration are pleased with the results. I did have a little trouble finding a rim cylinder that had the thumbturn option, but now there are a few on the market. The directional sticker is very important to insure that the person who is locking down the facility has clear instructions to make sure the door is secured. The direction to lock trim is opposite on rh and lh doors.

  5. Nathan Burkhardt says:


    Is there a datasheet that shows the XB11-979 rim cylinder thumbturn is ADA accessible?

    Same question for the 09-900 XB11-720 mortise thumbturn?


    • Lori says:

      Hi Nathan –

      I have not seen a data sheet stating that, but I have asked tech support and I’ll let you know.

      – Lori

  6. Ray Marsh says:

    I have used these in removable mullions where security is not an issue.

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