Today’s the last day of my vacation, and I’m headed to Woburn to get my computer fixed, and then leaving for the weekend armed with a set of plans for a project I’m revising.  That doesn’t sound very vacationish to me, but it goes with the territory.

By the way…I noticed this on my website stats recently:

Not enough!  :-)

It’s a tough question to answer because there’s such a wide range of fees and services.  Our office doesn’t charge a fee for small projects (less than 100 doors), or when we’re working on behalf of one of the facilities that uses our products.  For larger projects we charge $100 per hour, and we provide a not-to-exceed estimate before we begin.  Of course, our specwriters are paid regardless of whether we charge the architect for the consulting services or not, and some of the Ingersoll Rand offices do not charge a fee for writing specs.

To anyone out there in cyberspace who is wondering whether to become a hardware specwriter, the hours are long and inconsistent, the deadlines are often unmanageable, and we’re asked to perform miracles on a daily basis, but on the upside, the architect will gaze at you in wonder when you speak the language of the security consultant or create a hardware set complete with product numbers from memory.  If this sounds like the career for you, call me.  🙂

Anyway…we’ve been on stay-cation this week, so on Wednesday we went to the Harvard Natural History Museum which I will share some photos of next week.  Walking around Cambridge I saw at least a dozen different items used as hold-opens…rocks, bricks, stools, chairs, brooms, ropes, chains, etc.  Then I saw this custom-made Stud Hold-Open.  Nice!

Stud Hold-Open

Have a great weekend!

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