LAX EgressIt’s not very often that I see a news report about egress doors that don’t meet code requirements.  Considering the prevalence of the problem, it’s amazing to me that it doesn’t get more publicity, but then again, I’m a little more focused on the problem than the average citizen.

Today is my lucky day because one of my code official-friends sent me a link to a news article about problems with the egress corridors and doors at Los Angeles International Airport.  Apparently, an employee took photos of deficient exits over the past year, and presented them to the powers-that-be at LAX.  When the problem wasn’t resolved, the airport employee took the photos to a reporter and the situation made headlines.

It usually takes a tragedy to bring attention to something like this, so it would be nice if the problem was resolved by the media pressure.  Here is a link to the story from KNX1070 Newsradio, which also includes links to several radio broadcasts as well as coverage from CBS, and many of the photos supplied by the airport employee.

Links to news coverage on fire doors, egress, and accessibility are compiled on the News page of

Here are a few examples from LAX:

LAX EgressLAX EgressLAX EgressLAX Egress

Photo Credit:  KNX1070 NewsRadio.

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