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Costa Rican Security

The picture at right has nothing to do with this post, but isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!  I had no idea that I had captured this sloth so well until I was putting a photo book together for my daughter's preschool class over the weekend.  I took the picture in Caño Negro, and the sloth was waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy up in a tree, but he must have put his face into the sunbeam just as I took the photo.  I love it!

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More Costa Rican Egress

When we drove through Santa Elena, we noticed a restaurant with a tree growing up through the middle of it.  It looked pretty cool, so we headed there for lunch after our 3-hour morning hike in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and before our afternoon hike at the Selvatura Hanging Bridges. (On the verge of passing out from exhaustion later that evening, we realized that it was only 7:16 p.m.!)

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Costa Rican Egress / Fire Protection

The hotel with the treacherous handicap ramp (see previous post) was actually a very nice little hotel, but it had some other code-related issues.  I think all of the issues stem from the lack of stringent building codes in Costa Rica, but they're still a little scary for travelers who happen to be door hardware consultants.

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Caño Negro

Yesterday we went to Caño Negro, a wildlife refuge near the Nicaraguan border.  I saw no doors of note, but I did see a mother sloth with her baby, which was SO COOL!! We saw tons of other animals including iguanas and other lizards, caymans, white-faced and howler monkeys, at least 20 different kinds of birds, and 3 other sloths.  It was a really great day.

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La Fortuna

I don't really like to fly. I know about all of the airline safety statistics, but I just don't like being confined and especially tens of thousands of feet up in the sky. I don't like turbulence, even if it IS just bumpy air. I'm not buying it.

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Come Here Often?

If you visit this blog on a regular basis, you've probably noticed that there's been a brief lull in posts. I could blame technical difficulties, illness, writer's block, or a natural disaster, but the reality is that I've been preparing to go on vacation. A real vacation where my cell phone doesn't work. Hard to believe, I know. Those of you who are getting ready to point out that it's not a real vacation if I take my netbook with me can just hush.

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