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Now you’re really in trouble.

I love photography and I've always wanted to learn how to use all the fancy buttons and dials on my camera.  My "big" camera (a Canon T1i) takes great photos but I knew it could do so much more if I only knew what all those settings meant.  Well, today I finally took a class.  Yeah!  It was an hour of buttons and dials followed by a field trip around the neighborhood looking for interesting subjects.  It wasn't a great area for interesting doors but I found a few...and you can expect a LOT more photo-safari posts now that I've graduated from DSLR-1.  Just wait until DSLR-2!

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For my subscribers on the west coast...check out the rise of the Supermoon tonight!  The rest of you can enjoy the beautiful full moon too, but moonrise in Boston was at 7:16.  It was amazing!  Yes, I do occasionally take photos of something besides doors.

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Caño Negro

Yesterday we went to Caño Negro, a wildlife refuge near the Nicaraguan border.  I saw no doors of note, but I did see a mother sloth with her baby, which was SO COOL!! We saw tons of other animals including iguanas and other lizards, caymans, white-faced and howler monkeys, at least 20 different kinds of birds, and 3 other sloths.  It was a really great day.

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La Fortuna

I don't really like to fly. I know about all of the airline safety statistics, but I just don't like being confined and especially tens of thousands of feet up in the sky. I don't like turbulence, even if it IS just bumpy air. I'm not buying it.

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