A visit to any volcanic region wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the hot springs. We didn’t want to miss anything, so we visited two different hot springs resorts – The Springs, and Tabacón.

The Springs Resort is very beautiful and quite new. We couldn’t figure out why it was empty until we visited Tabacón. The main difference is that the hot springs at Tabacón are basically built into the river – very natural, while the pools at The Springs are man-made. The water was much hotter at Tabacón and they had to kick us out at closing time. We could have stayed all night!

The Springs wins in the door category though. The restaurant and spa were full of gorgeous wood, and the bathroom stalls had arched wood doors with a basket weave pattern and Schlage locks. The entrance door had a wall-mounted closer because of the arched top (LCN has special templates for arched-top doors if you run into this problem).

Here are a few photos:

IMG_0979   IMG_0980   IMG_0977   IMG_0978

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