The TreehouseWhen we drove through Santa Elena, we noticed a restaurant with a tree growing up through the middle of it.  It looked pretty cool, so we headed there for lunch after our 3-hour morning hike in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and before our afternoon hike at the Selvatura Hanging Bridges. (On the verge of passing out from exhaustion later that evening, we realized that it was only 7:16 p.m.!)

We were shown to a table on the balcony, and we had to duck under a giant limb to get there.  Our poor waiter had to duck under each and every time he came to one of the tables on the balcony!

I don’t think this would fly in the U.S…it definitely didn’t meet the minimum height requirements for a means of egress.  Oh well, the food was good and the Imperials were cold, so all was well with us.

Stairs Through the Tree Our Waiter

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