School Security Best Practices for Openings flyerI’m in the midst of a training odyssey in the Southeastern US, where I am spending 4-5 hours per day with groups of end users, architects, code officials, and door and hardware professionals.  The main topics that I’m covering in these sessions are fire door assemblies, access control hardware, recent code updates, and of course – school security and safety.

Over the years, Allegion has created many resources to be used to educate and inform school districts on how to secure their schools safely.  A new tool is now available, which provides a combined overview of industry recommended best practices for safety and security of doors and hardware as recommended by security organizations, federal reports, and past incident reports.

The document lists considerations for doors in various locations within a school, and shows the sources for many of the recommendations, with links to those reports.  These references include:

You can download the complete document here: School Security Best Practices for Openings.

Let us know what you think, and if there are other valuable resources that you use for educating about school security.

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