In yesterday’s post I shared some Wordless Wednesday photos from my trip to Aguascalientes, Mexico, and I have some others prepared for Fixed-it Friday.  There are more of my favorites here in today’s post!

The tough part about church doors in Mexico is that they are almost always open!  (Yes, I realize that this is a beautiful thing!)  These doors were really cool but I never found them closed:


Here’s a beautiful arched opening:


And a night-time view of this heavily carved church entrance:


There were lots of wicket doors, and not just in churches:



The green hardware on these doors caught my eye…

Beautiful door in Aguascalientes

I saw several empty facades…here’s one that has been restored and one that has not:

I noticed a ton of creative steel grilles…security can be beautiful!  Here are a few examples:

Beautiful door in Aguascalientes   

  Beautiful door in Aguascalientes

  Beautiful door in Aguascalientes

And finally, I’m a sucker for details…




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