Yesterday I posted a Fixed-it Friday photo even though it was Thursday, but don’t worry!  I saved up some FF photos during my trip to Italy, and I’m sharing them all today!

I’m so grateful to be able to work from anywhere as long as there is internet access.  Even though sometimes it would be nice to unplug, I treasure the flexibility and freedom that allows me to answer email and write blog posts from a riad in Morocco, an archeological site in Guatemala, or my hotel balcony in Naples.  –>

I think it’s time to start exploring the idea of buying an RV and taking this show on the road for real.  🙂

And now…some Fixed-it Friday photos from Italy!

We visited the undercroft of the duomo in Milan…the emergency exit had panic hardware, but just one little obstacle…


I saw this gate-closer modification on the Isle of Capri…it’s even a Cisa closer (one of our brands!):

This is the exit door leading out of an ATM.  To get in, you have to press a button – that should have been my first clue.  To get out, you also have to press a button, which is controlling a power bolt:


Even hold-open rocks are fancy in Italy:

On our way to the Sistine Chapel, I spotted this modification to accommodate the door closer:

I wonder how many locksmith calls it took before these signs went up:

I also wonder a) why this retail store door does not have a closer, and b) why the sign is in English:

We have talked about these before…deterrents to using the emergency exit which don’t actually prevent egress.  There’s nothing (yet) in the US codes that addresses them:

I don’t think this ramp meets the US accessibility requirements:

I prefer this support arm on a wide gate in Como, vs. the support wheels that I’ve seen on occasion:

And finally, do you think this looks like a design element, or a fix for an incorrect backset prep?

Have a great weekend, everyone!  I’m going camping, and I will NOT have internet access!  🙂

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