In Monday’s post I mentioned a Havana nightclub’s egress situation, and promised to share a few Wordless Wednesday photos.  As you can see, the code requirements for egress are a bit different from what we are used to.

This is an emergency exit from one of the main corridors:

And this door leads to an area with a live band and several hundred people (as well as evidence that I am rubbing off on my friends!):

In the art space/nightclub, we found this wall of keys in the shape of the island of Cuba:

When we left our casa particular to head to the beach, the caretaker told us that he would keep the keys to our rooms with him, since they were the only keys they had.  Given the lack of availability of many products, I doubt that key blanks are readily available.  We did find the local locksmith shop (and shoe repair), but I didn’t see any locks or keys in stock.

Everything in Cuba is reused, repaired, and repurposed…here are a couple more Wordless Wednesday security methods.  And I have plenty of photos left for Fixed-it Friday!

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