Sometimes a Wordless Wednesday photo comes along and I think, “Meh…another propped open fire door…”  But it’s important to go back to the basics on occasion, because there are always new people finding iDigHardware for the first time.  And clearly, based on these photos, not everyone has gotten the message.

Take note:

  • This is a fire door assembly serving a stairwell.  It is designed to withstand smoke and flames for up to 1 hour – this is printed on the label.
  • The stairwell is intended to  provide a protected means of egress for building occupants, should they need to evacuate during a fire.
  • Someone has installed a kick-down stop (hold-open) on the door, likely for convenience.  With the door in the open position, the stairwell could fill with smoke during a fire and this exit would not be available for building occupants to use.
  • In 2022, open fire doors contributed to the deaths of 17 people in a Bronx apartment building, as smoke was able to spread across multiple floors of the building.
  • If you see something like this…say something!

Fire door with kick stop installed


Thanks to Marc Zolner of Allegion for today’s Wordless Wednesday photos!

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