Swimming poolI need some help from the iDigHardware community on this one…

I have run into this several times before and I’m wondering how you are seeing it addressed in the field.  It is not uncommon for a building to have a means of egress that passes through a swimming pool enclosure.  Clubhouses, multifamily residential buildings, and health clubs are a few examples of where this might occur.

The International Building Code (IBC) includes some requirements to ensure the safety of small children by limiting their access to swimming pool enclosures, and the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC) goes into greater detail (here’s an article on some recent changes).

How is the need for egress from the building addressed along with consideration for the hazards of exiting through a swimming pool enclosure?  The codes allow hardware on pool doors and gates to be mounted up to 54 inches above the floor if the doors or gates are not self-locking.  But when a means of egress passes through a pool enclosure, the question of whether the door or gate is self-locking on the access side is irrelevant – access to the pool is from the egress side of the door opening.

If you have experience with this application, I’d love to hear how egress through the pool area is being balanced with limiting pool access for children.



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