I saw the door in today’s Wordless Wednesday photos when I went to a salsa lesson at a dance studio in Copenhagen last week.  When the studio is open for business, the door is propped open with a rock.  Clearly, propped-open fire doors are a global problem.

Global Fire Door Problem    Global Fire Door Problem

Egress problems cross borders as well…we went to a dinner show with a couple hundred people in attendance, and next to our table the exit was roped off.  The hasps on the main entrance doors were a little unsettling, but I didn’t see them until we were on our way out.

   Global Fire Door Problem

And my college kid wanted to visit one last secondhand clothing sale, so I checked out the exits.

   Global Fire Door Problem

If you see any Wordless Wednesday or Fixed-it Friday doors during your holiday travels, you can upload photos here!

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