It’s been a while since I posted any of my vacation photos, so I wanted to share these beautiful doors that I saw in Madrid this summer.  Construction on the Almudena Cathedral began in 1883, but due to the Civil War and other delays, the cathedral was not consecrated for worship until 1993.  The extremely ornate bronze doors are the work of sculptor Luis Antonio Sanguino, who began work on them in 2000.

Front Entrance  Rear Pair

Door 2

Door 1a   Door 1

People  For Scale

door b  Door 5

Door 6  Door 4

The gigantic bolts were used to secure the cathedral doors from the vestibule side…potentially preventing egress for the occupants in the cathedral.


I can’t say I’m a fan of the method used to latch the wicket door…

Wicket Door Latch

And here are just a few non-door photos from the cathedral.  It’s stunning.


Organ  More Arches

There are lots of beautiful photos of the Almudena Cathedral here.

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