As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, iDigHardware has reached a milestone that I never expected to see – 3,000 posts on the site!  It seems like that should qualify for a celebratory sheet cake or maybe some fireworks, don’t you think?  What I have learned from offering up a prize for the 5 photos posted this week is that y’all have been holding out on me!  I received A LOT of great photos – so many that I had to pick a dozen+ of my favorites and then do a random drawing from those.  If you don’t see your photo posted this week – I’m sorry!  I will post more of the entries in future WW and FF posts, but for now, here is the first winner!

Sent in by Pak Keung Yip, this photo was taken on the back porch of a residential home, where the contractor provided a knife to cut out a screen that might block the exit.  I love the creativity and thought that went into this solution, but I’m a little wordless.

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos!  Check back tomorrow for Day 2!

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