Several months ago, I posted a video showing how a coordinator works.  The pair of doors in the video was located in the college dorm where my oldest daughter is a resident assistant (she’s the same kid who knew that this door wedge was a problem).  She recently told me that the dorm had to be evacuated because there was a fire in one of the laundry rooms.  One of the other residents sent her the video below and gave me permission to share it.  The fire was not serious – just a smoking dryer, but the laundry room doors were automatically released from their magnetic holders when the fire alarm was activated, and closed and latched properly.  Because the fire door assembly functioned as designed and tested, the smoke did not spread.

I’m sure the students had no idea what purpose the doors served in protecting them (well, one student did :)) .  Whether it’s a smoking dryer or something more serious, fire door assemblies play a very important role in a building’s fire protection system – even if most people don’t realize it.  Another fire door win!

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