Update: Check out how these same doors on another level of the dorm prevented the spread of smoke during a dryer malfunction.

I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of doors with automatic flush bolts and a coordinator that was installed, adjusted, and functioning properly, and I finally found one last week at UTK.  This is another application that is difficult to explain with photos (here’s one from last week), so here’s a video showing how a coordinator works:

Can you believe the kid on the left is the same one that helped me choose 5 winners back in 2011?  She also got us locked in our hotel room and caused an iDigHardware traffic spike when she had a thyroidectomy.  The kid on the right wrote the infamous 3 Bears story back in 2010.  Time flies!

You can find more information about flush bolts and coordinators in this Decoded article, this whiteboard animation video, and this recent blog post.

Here are some photos of the opening in the video:

Pull side:

Push side:

Bar-type coordinator:

On the left is the active leaf being held open by the coordinator, and on the right is the inactive leaf approaching the trigger which will release the active leaf and allow it to close:


This is a dust-proof strike – the bottom flush bolt projects into it when both leaves of the pair are closed, but when the doors are open it is a flush plate that helps keep the strike from filling with debris:

Any questions?

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