Do you see any problems with today’s Wordless Wednesday photo?  Each of the plastic boxes mounted on the wall to the left contains an L-shaped piece that goes into the slot on the face of the door, and the hole in the floor, to keep the door from being opened.  While this might seem like an easy way to secure these doors, I have some concerns:

  • The model codes do not allow this type of device on these doors.  It’s possible that the local codes in this jurisdiction have been modified to allow them, but that doesn’t necessarily release the facility from liability for unintended consequences that could occur.
  • The device does not meet the requirements of the ADA Standards for Accessible Design, the standards that are used to ensure compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act – a federal law.
  • If these doors (or other doors with this application) are fire doors, all components must be listed to UL 10C / NFPA 252 which ensures that they will perform properly during a fire.  Most of the barricade products have not been tested or certified.
  • What prevents an unauthorized person from installing these devices and deterring egress for the occupants of the room?  Or preventing an authorized person from entering to help?
  • Aside from the potential safety issues, how effective will this method be when it comes to security?  Is there a maintenance plan in place to make sure that the holes in the floor do not become filled with debris?

Any other concerns?

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