One of the side-effects of most people staying at home is that we’re not out-and-about to run across Wordless Wednesday and Fixed-it Friday applications.  If you have teenagers at home who are addicted to Snapchat, you probably know how important it is to maintain their Snapchat streaks.  Well, my WW streak began in January of 2011, and my FF streak in October of 2013.  I don’t want to break them, so send me some photos that are hiding on your phone or computer.  And if you don’t?  I’ll have to start posting my 13YO’s Tik Tok dance videos instead.  😀

To send photos, you can upload them here, or send them to me by email.  This is your chance to be a hero and save the day!

Meanwhile, here’s a Reddit video that was sent by Joel at Security Lock.  Don’t try this at home!!

Day 10 from r/Unexpected

Graphic: Andrew Gallimore, Snapchat

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