Someone sent me these photos over the weekend, asking whether wide-throw hinges would help with this opening.  It’s a beautiful entrance door on a single-family home, and the problem is with the storm/screen door (not currently installed).  Because of the brick reveal, the storm door only opens to about 80 degrees before it hits the brick.

Wide-throw hinges are usually used when a door opens to 180 degrees and requires extra clearance behind the door.  With the door in the photos, it would be almost impossible to get the door to open 180 degrees, and hinges that wide would definitely not be aesthetically pleasing.  The storm door would also project into the clear opening width (by a lot) when open to 90 degrees.

Increasing the hinge width a little bit would allow the door to open past 80 degrees, and would reduce the clear opening width to a lesser extent.  I’m wondering if you have any better ideas for how to handle this situation, or what hinge width would be optimal.


Arched Storm/Screen Door

Arched Storm/Screen Door

Arched Storm/Screen Door Detail

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