Dear Loyal Readers of iDigHardware,

In honor of the 10th anniversary of this site (and to celebrate my oldest daughter’s graduation), I have escaped to Italy.  Do not panic.  There are plenty of people who can help with any code questions that arise while I’m away – you can reach your local expert any time by pressing the Help button at the top right of this page.  In fact, they may be able to give you a more accurate answer based on the locally-adopted codes then I can.

My inbox is officially empty.  I have not been able to say that since the time that I archived every remaining email out of desperation on December 31, 2017 and started fresh (I didn’t do that this time).  If you sent me an email and I didn’t respond, I’m sorry!  I get hundreds of emails per week and sometimes they go into random folders where I may not see them.  For example, if you reply to an automated email notification from iDigHardware and ask a code question, your email goes into a folder with all of the out-of-office responses to the email notifications.  If you’re waiting for me to reply, go ahead and email me again and I’ll respond asap, or use the Help button to find your local code expert.

You may be wondering how you’re going to spend your coffee time until I return – don’t worry!  In honor of the 10th anniversary of iDigHardware, I have identified the most popular posts of the last 10 years!  Unless you have read and absorbed every post since Day 1, there is a lot to learn from these past posts (you may want to save them in your Favorites).  And I’ve chosen my favorite Wordless Wednesday and Fixed-it Friday posts to round out the Top 10.


– Lori

P.S.  If you haven’t downloaded the new edition of the Allegion Code Reference Guide yet, get it here!

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