Randy Jump of Allegion sent me this photo the other day, and asked whether the security closet proposed for the dotted area beside the restroom door would create an accessibility problem.  What do you think?  Scroll down after you’re done thinking it over.

First I checked the maneuvering clearance.  For a front approach on the push side, no additional latch-side clearance is required if the door is not equipped with BOTH a closer and a latch.  This door has a closer but no latch, so the maneuvering clearance will still be fine once the security closet is added.

But what about the security closet door, which will swing into the required maneuvering clearance for the restroom door?  I wasn’t positive about this so I asked for an ICC staff opinion.  Section 301.2 of both the 2009 and 2017 editions of ICC A117.1 address overlap, stating, “Unless otherwise specified, clear floor spaces, clearances at fixtures, maneuvering clearances at doors, and turning spaces shall be permitted to overlap.”  ICC staff confirmed that the swing of the security closet door is allowed to overlap with the maneuvering clearance for the restroom door, so the proposed security closet is acceptable.

Do you agree?

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