When working with commercial, institutional, and multi-family doors for decades, it sometimes feels like we’re always dealing with the same-old, same-old.  But there are certain projects that stick out as the ones I’m most proud of, and several of them are museums.  Although the museum projects sometimes made me want to find a new career or go into the hardware version of the Witness Protection Program, they’re the buildings I now take the specwriter apprentices (and my kids) on field trips to, so I can point out all of the interesting hardware applications.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (not one of my projects) has a video series called Connections, and one of the episodes is about doors at the Met – actual doors and doors in art pieces.  The video is narrated by Daniel Kershaw, an exhibition designer at the Met, and if you listen to him talk about the doors, you can hear his passion about the connections created by them.

“It’s wonderful where the door isn’t just something that leads you between places but is something unto itself.”

Have you ever worked on the doors and hardware for a project that stands out as “special”?  Tell us about it!

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