When iDigHardware first began, it was called iHateHardware for all of the architects who have had past projects where hardware problems resulted in scheduling headaches and cost overruns.  In the beginning, a good day saw 50ish visitors to the website, most of whom probably knew me personally (like my mom).  This year we celebrated 1 million visits to the site since its inception and some other amazing milestones, so the site has become more widely known in the hardware industry and beyond.  Some architects have even told me that they don’t hate hardware so much any more.

And now I KNOW iDigHardware has hit the big time, since today’s Fixed-it Friday photo was taken by John Conover, retired global president of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, and was sent to me by Tim Eckersley, president of Allegion.  Not to name-drop, but when the executive leadership team starts noticing and sharing oddball hardware applications, it warms my heart.  😀


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