If you’re looking for me, I’m traveling this week and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I spent a lot of time in airports today, and here are a few Wordless Wednesday observations…

I think I mentioned this application the last time I visited this airport, but I still don’t see how pulling the fire alarm to unlock the doors is acceptable.  And what about the pull station being inside of a plastic box?  Ok or no way?


Nice convenient charging spot, or an egress problem (or both)?


This door gets a lot of employee traffic.  Authorized employees present their badge and also enter a code, then they use the door on the left with the push plate.  I’m not sure how this qualifies as an exit or an area of rescue assistance.


I recently read that airport jetways should have panic hardware, but the doors I saw in this airport do not.  Anyone have experience with this requirement/recommendation?


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