Happy New Year!!!

I can always count on my family road trips to result in some photos to share…remember the dollar bills on the ceiling, the Minister’s Treehouse, the day my kid got us locked in the hotel room, the super-steep h/c ramp in Costa RicaChip Falcon’s Road Trip, or the doors of Morocco?  We’re currently on yet another road trip and our hotel has an indoor water park.  There are 2 marked exits:

The aftermarket latch on the main exit was installed to prevent access by unaccompanied children (if it actually latched), but it does not meet accessibility or egress requirements.

Pool Egress Pair

Pool Access

Push Button with Keyhole

Here’s the second means of egress, which swings in the wrong direction and is also lockable.

Pool Secondary Egress

These doors are very obviously non-compliant, but I guarantee this facility has been visited by the fire marshal on more than one occasion.  The door with the incorrect swing looks to be original.  I have to wonder…are these egress doors acceptable to the fire marshal?  On what grounds?

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