I’ve been doing some research for my FDAI presentation, looking for specific examples of how the inspection of fire doors and correction of deficiencies can have a direct impact on life safety as well as the protection of property.  It’s not very often that you see fire doors in the news, but these two recent examples showed up over the holidays:

300 forced out by fire12/16/10 – The Standard

“Mehlenbacher was hopeful people in 40 of the 112 units that were well protected by fire doors would be able to return home by late Wednesday…He said a self-closing door in the affected apartment appears not to have worked properly and didn’t shut completely.”

Three injured, one critically, in early morning Fall River fire12/21/10 – The Boston Herald

“When they fled, the door to their apartment remained open and the fire followed them out, rushing up the stairwell… There were two stairways available to the third floor residents. One was filled with flames from the burning apartment. The second was filled with dense black smoke.”

And I don’t know how I missed this one, but it’s a very interesting video about the fire doors in the Staples Center.  Enjoy!

If you run across any news reports that mention fire doors or blocked exits, please send me a link!

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