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Aug 30 2017

WW: Rope and Cleat System

I give up.

Not really.  I will never give up.


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22 Responses to “WW: Rope and Cleat System”

  1. Mark Bolan says:

    I still think all door handles in schools should be guns, that way there will be more guns and therefore much safer for students and teachers.

  2. Jeff Tock says:

    According to a news report from website posted 2-15-2014, parents in this school system complained that “Bullying out of control in Ray-Pec School District”. Parents felt the school system didn’t do enough to stop bullying. They should be really happy that, now, their children can be locked into a classroom with the bully, and no one will be able to rescue them. That’s progress!

  3. John Dalrymple says:

    I’m going to buy all of the kids that attend this school a pocket knife – so that they can get out.

    This is ridiculous!

  4. Ken Giesbrecht says:

    Is the rope considered a fusible link in the event of a fire??????? Wow!!

  5. Julia says:

    OMG! Any kid could use a shoelace or a belt to utilize that idiotic “safety” tool. Can they not see how dangerous this is?

  6. Jon says:


  7. Andy Lindenberg says:

    It’s bad enough they implement these tactics, but then to advertise and broadcast it in TV? “Wordless”

  8. Tony Calistro says:

    This is a good example of “Fake News” I grew up with Walter Conkite and we trusted most everything we heard him say. Seems today there is little research put into the news we get today!

  9. Frank Ehrman CPP PSP says:

    Shame on RAY PEC certainly not code experts, so many reason this is WRONG!!!!!!

  10. Chuck Park says:

    Lori, would Allegion be willing to put together a sane rebuttal to send to this TV news show?
    Everyday people will have no idea how dangerous this can be unless someone tells/shows them.

  11. Anthony Wan says:

    Hello people, codes were written for a reason. Shouldn’t they find out why before thinking of ridiculous things like that first?

  12. Lisa Goodwin Robbins says:

    OMG, that’s just cray-cray. Absolutely wordless.

  13. Pete Schifferli says:

    Shame on on them, that rope and cleat system is bizarre! Even though they are using flammable parachute cord, I wonder how long that cleat will hold in what appears to be drywall?

  14. DAVID FEDERICO says:

    Grade 1 Lever door handle $395.00.Flag pole or boat cleat (Stainless Steel)$8.95 5feet Parachute rope $12.95 for everything else there is Stupidity. … With apologies to the MasterCard people. Always, everyone trying to find a cheap way to secure the most priceless …our children .
    I understand stand this works as a cheap temporary alternative but only until you get the correct hardware … I thought we had laws ?

  15. Kevin says:

    Great to see that the higher education that these teaches paid for is being used. It’s sad to see who is educating the next generation.

  16. Austin B says:

    I got into a fairly heated discussion the other day about these types of “solutions”. There is a company that is selling “bullet proof” tables to be in every classroom. All I could think is that the real, code compliant solutions are already available but many schools districts don’t have the funds to pay for them. I can’t imagine how pricey a “tactical table” would cost!

    • Laura Pedersen says:

      Ballistic AR400 steel, 3/8″ thick, is about $15/sqft and is proof against pistols and shotguns, resistant to rifles. Now, add in the fabrication costs of cutting it to shape and making mounting holes with a water jet cutter (can’t use a torch or it weakens the steel), add in the cost of assembling it into a usable desk, liability insurance, marketing costs, a healthy 60% profit margin…

      I guess the real question is, how much is the school willing to pay to get scared parents off their backs?

      • Austin B says:

        Speaking of that, there’s another company selling bullet proof plates to put in kids back packs. Just upgrade the dang lock!

        • Laura Pedersen says:

          With the amount of textbooks I had to carry as a kid, we didn’t need bullet proof plates! Six inches of History & Math textbooks will stop a .223 bullet cold!

  17. Tony Calistro says:

    See the related post above, (Fire Destroys School in Mesquite Texas), just think what the cost could be if people needed to exit a classroom using this conTRAPtion.

    QQ with whom does the liability lie when these code violations are put into use?

    • Lori says:

      Good question – I think it could vary. If the school chose to use them and the AHJ was unaware, probably the school district. If the AHJ was aware, it would depend on whether proper procedures were followed. The AHJ may be liable, or may be protected by state laws. If the manufacturer states that their products are code-compliant (or maybe even if they don’t), they could be on the hook. The truth is, I don’t know for sure and I’d rather not find out.

      There’s some information here:, but there are a lot of variables.

      – Lori

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