Most of the information I provide comes from the model codes – the IBC/IFC or NFPA 101, and the referenced standards.  But as I often mention, states can (and do!) modify the model codes to address specific needs within their jurisdictions.  So if I tell you that the model code requirements for mag-locks are X, Y, and Z, it’s important for you to follow up and find out whether your state or local codes have made any modifications to those requirements.

There are a couple of great resources for finding more information about the state code requirements as well as the model codes and referenced standards.  Both of these sites can be found on the Code Links tab above (Code Links –> Codes by State).


One is the International Code Council’s publicACCESS page, where you can click on a state to read the ICC codes that have been adopted there.  You can even use the search feature in your browser (try Ctrl-F) to search the codes!

In some cases these publications include the state modifications and for some states those modifications are in a separate document (usually available on the state’s website), so check to make sure you’ve got all of the information for your project’s jurisdiction.


Another great site for state and model code information is called UpCodes, and offers a basic level of free access, as well as a monthly or annual subscription. I’m working with the site developers to see if there’s a way I can use UpCodes to help with the support that I offer to the readers of iDH, but until then, check out this video about how UpCodes works…

Do you know of any other great resources for code information?  Leave a comment in the reply box!

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