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Jul 28 2017

FF: Deadbolt Retrofit

These photos, from Kelly Reese of Allegion, qualify for the double-whammy – Wordless Wednesday AND Fixed-it Friday.  But don’t worry…it is indeed Friday!  Have a great weekend!

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4 Responses to “FF: Deadbolt Retrofit”

  1. Chuck Park says:

    When I worked in the hospital, we used to drill a vertical hole in the push paddle near to where it enters the housing so we could secure unused rooms with padlocks. You could not get locked in the room because the inner pull handle still worked.
    That worked fairly well for a very long time until an enterprising individual found that the latches could be easily shimmed.

  2. Larry Young says:

    Now we know why hospital latchsets have a 5″ backset. You need to leave room for the replacement lock.

  3. Anthony Wan says:

    Wow, what a waste of a hospital latch.

  4. SJL says:

    They would have done better with a Schlage L-series mortise lock with the push-pull hardware. The L9457 would have provided the latch, double-cylinder deadbolt, AND simultaneous retraction by inside paddle for egress (F33 function). For a non fire door, the L9462 x XL11-886 would have provided the double-cylinder deadbolt with the inside paddle retracting the deadbolt, but with no latch. Either would have been preferable over this garbage!

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