Tomorrow is my birthday.  Not just any birthday – my 50th!  The other day someone said to me, “Don’t worry!  50 is the new 70!!!”  WHAAAT???  If you are late getting my birthday card in the mail, don’t worry!  In tomorrow’s post I’m going to ask you something, and all I want for my birthday is for at least 50 of you to answer.  Check back tomorrow and add your voice to the group!

Since it’s my birthday week, I’m going to start off by posting something fun.  In fact – maybe I’ll make it a whole week of fun (door-related fun – woohoo!)!  I read this story on our Allegion intranet the other day, and asked for permission to re-post it here.  I can’t resist 7-year-old hardware fans, especially one who saved for over a year to buy a Schlage lock…

Meet Allegion’s biggest fan: 7-year-old Logan the Locksmith
Dee Ann Adams

Logan, a 7-year-old from Michigan, loves locks. His dad recently reached out to Ann Matheis to share Logan’s story and ask for Schlage-branded gear that he could give Logan for his birthday.

Matheis, marketing director – multifamily, and Tamara Douce, residential marketing leader – PR and communications, put together a care package with Allegion swag and a Schlage Sense lock. They also offered to host Logan in Carmel if and when he can make the trip from Michigan.

The email and photos below from Logan’s dad tell the story:

Logan opened up the box you sent and he literally could not stop jumping up and down and screaming. You sure have made his day! There is a picture of him opening it up and his birthday cake from the night before – notice the Schlage lock on it.  Beyond the lock, he was very excited about the pin kit and the hat.  I never have seen him immediately put on or desire to wear a hat, but he did with the one you sent.

Also attached are a bunch of pictures from Logan’s Locksmith Shop.  His room has a few parts to it.  First his main bedroom, which is his waiting room and has the outside door with the Logan Pl sign on it.  In this part of the room, he has his key hall of fame – important, retired keys that he has used, for example grandma and grandpa’s old house. This leads to his closet, where he has his locksmith shop.

On the outside door of his shop he has a “price” list and his hours.  Notice he starts at 5 a.m. Every day he gets up at 5, much to my chagrin, because he is so excited about it all.

In his shop he has a cabinet with locks and parts.  In addition he has a keychain collection and a bin with ziploc bags that has keys – most he has no clue what they go to, as they were collected from various discard bins.  He also put the empty box that the lock you sent came in as a pretend item for his shop.

Notice the locks on the doors: on the outside bedroom door is the Schlage lock he saved for – for 1.5 years.  The lock you sent is now on the Locksmith shop door and is being used nonstop.  In fact so much, he could be a quality control engineer. He has different codes for all of us in the house as well as a few of his stuffed dogs.

Thank you again for being so kind and making his day!  He has been talking about it nonstop and you have impacted him tremendously with your kindness.  He is looking forward to showing it off with his friends and extended family.  At school, he is known as Logan the Locksmith – always having keys and talking about locks.  I am sure Schlage with be a focal part of his conversations.

Michael S., father of Logan the Locksmith


And if the email and photos didn’t get to you, check out this video:

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