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Jan 27 2016

URGENT WW: The Future is Now

Category: School Security,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 9:49 am Comments (13)

The Future is NowI guess today will be a bonus Wordless Wednesday because after creating today’s WW post last night, I woke up to something that took my breath away.  A video about classroom barricade devices has been posted on a Facebook page and has gone viral.  Right now, about 14 hours after it was posted, it has over 3 million views.  There are over 1,000 comments – many of them in support of this idea.

This is an opportunity to share information about the concerns and potential unintended consequences of a security device that restricts egress, can be used by an unauthorized person to secure the room, and prevents access by staff and emergency responders.  I need your help though – it’s easy for people to dismiss the comments of one person, and as more and more comments are posted, other comments get buried.

Please, if you are on Facebook, go check out the video and leave a comment, reply to comments, and/or share the video along with some of the available information about these locking methods.  Here are a few resources you may want to include in your comments or shares…

Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) – White Paper on Classroom Barricade Devices

National Association of State Fire Marshals – Classroom Door Security Guidelines

What’s a barricade device, anyway? –

Options for Securing Classroom Doors (whiteboard animation video)

Classroom Barricade Device Myths & Facts (video)

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13 Responses to “URGENT WW: The Future is Now”

  1. Nitramnaed says:

    Ridiculous. It’s like chaining the door shut in a Nightclub.

  2. Tim says:

    Comment sent…

  3. Bill Elliott says:

    To the person not knowledgeable with life safety issues these products look like they would solve a problem. You, I and others within the hardware industry know that these do not solve a problem, they in fact create a bigger problem.

    • Lori says:

      The problem is that the general public doesn’t look at the downside.

      – Lori

      • Ron says:

        The average member of the public is an ignoramus. They hear of a mass shooting and want something, nay, anything done and the sooner the better just so they can get back to FEELING all warm and fuzzy…

  4. Pete Schifferli says:

    Absolutely frightening, although the average citizen and educator has no understanding whatever of the “unintended consequences”. As a locksmith and former teacher, I can embrace the well-intentioned motivation but despise the serious shortcomings of all such devices.

  5. Cda says:

    Seems like have seen similar devices already proposed.

    Especially the one that goes on the closure

    Hopefully the schools and ahj’ will follow adopted codes!

  6. JMR says:

    I posted a comment and replied to numerous comments by others. Also pointed out how a bully can get a hold of this and lock out teachers to assault another student – a far more likely scenario than being used to block out a shooter.

  7. Eric says:

    Something about the opening frame of the clip seems misleading. Can it really “prevent” mass shootings?

    It appears that the one used under the door wraps completely around the frame profile. What if the frame jamb depth doesn’t match the device?

  8. SJL says:

    Why couldn’t they retrofit the existing classroom function locksets with a “classroom security” lockset–i.e. change out an existing F05 function and replace it with the F32 (which duplicates the function of the outside key cylinder on the inside), or the F33 (which adds a deadbolt)? (That would be the L9071 or L9457.) Neither impedes egress, because the inside handle is always free (in the case of the F33, the inside handle simultaneously retracts the deadbolt). This would be a great video topic for the blog, on the newer classroom security functions.

  9. Joe Hendry says:

    I was sent this today. Shows and demonstrates a device being usable by active threats inside the facility. Just hanging on the wall next to the door. Actually notifies the threat which rooms are occupied. Requires opening the door to install. Relies on a floor mooring point, which the video clearly shows students walking over and probably filling with debris. Over focuses the response on traditional drive by shooter training (lockdown) not active threat/terrorist training with emphasis multi-option response and primary evacuation of the facility.

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