The Future is NowI guess today will be a bonus Wordless Wednesday because after creating today’s WW post last night, I woke up to something that took my breath away.  A video about classroom barricade devices has been posted on a Facebook page and has gone viral.  Right now, about 14 hours after it was posted, it has over 3 million views.  There are over 1,000 comments – many of them in support of this idea.

This is an opportunity to share information about the concerns and potential unintended consequences of a security device that restricts egress, can be used by an unauthorized person to secure the room, and prevents access by staff and emergency responders.  I need your help though – it’s easy for people to dismiss the comments of one person, and as more and more comments are posted, other comments get buried.

Please, if you are on Facebook, go check out the video and leave a comment, reply to comments, and/or share the video along with some of the available information about these locking methods.  Here are a few resources you may want to include in your comments or shares…

Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) – White Paper on Classroom Barricade Devices

National Association of State Fire Marshals – Classroom Door Security Guidelines

What’s a barricade device, anyway? –

Options for Securing Classroom Doors (whiteboard animation video)

Classroom Barricade Device Myths & Facts (video)

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