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Sep 30 2015

WW: Classroom Security

According to Nathan Burkhardt of Opening Technologies, this church addressed their classroom security by adding shades for the vision lites, and changing the locks to office function with a turn-button.  Because the kids and teachers were getting injured by the sharp turn-button design, they glued balls over them.  I need a face-palm emoji.

Classroom Shade

Thumbturn Protector

6 Responses to “WW: Classroom Security”

  1. Joe Hendry says:

    Welcome to my world. The window shade idea stems from “school security experts” telling people for years that a piece of paper over a window will stop gunman. I’m not kidding. One of the biggest debates in a class I taught wasn’t over training or concepts. It was an assistant superintendent, who had hired a school consultant to assess their buildings under a REMS grant, who had ended up purchasing paper window shades for every room “because is a gunman can’t see in a room they will move on because they think it’s empty”. When I asked if every room was still occupied, and since the gunman was probably from the facility, had at minimum scouted it, and was probably trained by the school and observed the tactic wasn’t it an indication that the room WAS occupied? She argued the point ad nauseam until the superintendent told her the paper wouldn’t make a difference.

  2. NONA PETERSON says:

    Air Louvers has developed a privacy screen that can be easily attached to existing vision lites with 3M Dual-lock, which also allows it to be removed if necessary. It’s designed for schools, so very heavy duty, and has been UL listed for use on up to 60 Minute doors if installed on a metal vision lite. It’s clean looking, easy to install and is great for blocking light for AV use in the room.

  3. John Danes says:

    What kind of turnpiece on an office function locks met causes injury to students and teachers? So they glued balls over the turn piece as a solution, Wow!

  4. Marcus Muirhead says:

    I suppose one can smack the rubber ball with the heel of the hand and lock the door without ever turning the button, at least this is so on many locks, but I , too, want to know who makes a lock that causes injury in the act of being engaged. I think there must be some other reason, unspoken, doing this. Whatever the reason, they are nincompoops. This “system” requires prior knowledge to operate and is clearly out of compliance.

  5. lach says:

    Honestly surprised that the balls are staying on. Most kids I know would just rip them off.

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