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Dec 12 2014

FF: New LCN Special Template

Category: Door Closers,Fixed-it Friday,StopsLori @ 7:22 am Comments (13)

It’s called the Ives Cush Stop (just kidding – we don’t endorse this application!)…

Ives Cush Stop

Thanks to John Steele of Allegion for today’s Fixed-it Friday photo!

13 Responses to “FF: New LCN Special Template”

  1. David Moyer says:

    Interesting solution.

  2. bill says:

    You may not “endorse” this application, but I wish I thought of it. Unless I’m missing something, what could be the down side?

    • Lori says:

      I’m not sure how much force the screw will take. The closer arm can exert a lot of leverage. I’ve seen arms bent around a Cush stop.

  3. Bryan McKeehan says:

    Too funny, it had crossed my mind before, quickly dismissed knowing how much more leverage is created by the closer arm versus the door. I could see it working short-term, during construction, until the correct arm was sourced.

  4. Eric says:

    This is a hick-fix that kinda makes sense.

  5. Bob J says:

    Another Bill E. spec?

  6. Bill E says:

    Bob J is just jealous that I thought of it before him. Take more than this to get such a nice guy like him off my list.

  7. Bill E says:

    It is in the mail, really.

  8. Susan McClendon says:

    For the rest of us non-experts, please explain.

    • Lori says:

      Hi Susan –

      Someone has mounted a floor stop on the frame head so the door closer arm hits it and stops the door. It’s a similar idea to a “Cush” closer except not designed for the forces exerted by a closer arm.

      – Lori

  9. Ron says:

    Not only that, the forces exerted at that close pivot point
    are far more than further up the arm. It’s a short life for
    that cushioned stop with any amount of force applied to the
    door. It’s a geometry thing.

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