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Jun 23 2014

Reader Photos

I’m in Dallas this week to teach DHI’s COR140 – Using Codes and Standards and then attend the DHI Conference – CoNEXTions 2014.  It’s a crazy-busy week, so it may be a full week of reader photos.  If you’ve been hoarding your awesome door photos, send them along!

Here’s the first batch…

An awesome vault door from one of my AHJ pals (in the same western store as these photos):

Vault Door in Western Store

And from another reader who also prefers to remain nameless (do not do this people, seriously)…


Even Weird Al Yankovic digs hardware (from @SpecifierMagCSI via Twitter)!

Jerry Monse of JC Ryan EBCO/H&G, LLC sent this photo, and said that there is a wall behind the storefront.  I talked to one of my fire marshal friends about this a while ago, and he told me that when you see a door marked on the outside “not a door” or in this case, “false door”, the purpose is to tell firefighters that it isn’t really a door so they don’t waste their time trying to gain access through the door, only to find a wall filling the opening.  Mystery solved.

False Door
Secured Design sent found another example of DIY Dogging  🙁 :

DIY Dogging - Dogged

DIY Dogging - Undogged

And finally (for today), Cassie Stokes of American Direct sent this photo of a HUGE gate with a teeny panic device on it, which reminds me that I’ve been meaning to give you some homework.  I would like to do a blog post about gates, and solicit your input on how to do them RIGHT.  Don’t reply now, but if you have seen a gate with builders hardware on it, either a good or bad application, send me a photo to include in the post (please).

Giant Gate

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6 Responses to “Reader Photos”

  1. Cda says:

    Would come see you but out of town all week

  2. Safecrackin Sammy says:

    Impressive vault door for its time….

    The screw holes you see to the right of the lower sign would have been for the time lock which has been removed. It would be wound each night and lock the door over night even if you had the combination.

    The two small gold boxes in the middle of the vault pic are the offset combination locks so it could be opened using two combinations, or one could be a back up if the other lock failed.

    And if you notice the matching “steps” in both the door and frame were put there to thwart pouring nitro-glycerin between the two to “blow” open the safe just like in the old westerns….

    And that would explain the boots….

  3. Cda says:

    Be gentle on Dallas and Fort Worth doors, they are old

  4. nitramnaed says:

    if it’s a blocked door why would you leave the address sign intact.
    I don’t think they give the fire responders much credit here. I work on a lot of strip centers and it’s common practice for us to build over unused doors on the interior and remove all the hardware and weld it shut. It looks much better that trying to patch the wall wether it’s brick or some other material.
    Now, we have had to remove glass storefront doors and build back the storefront material. This was always an exiting concern so they don’t mistake it for a door they can exit. Even when the AHJ has allowed us to lockdown unused storefront doors I’ve never been asked to label it from the outside.

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