I’m tied up preparing for Day 2 of COR140 and the rest of the week’s events, so here’s another batch of reader photos.  Thank you to all of the readers who make it a little easier to keep iDigHardware running when my hair is on fire.  I just noticed that all of today’s photos came from my Allegion brethren, so it’s an all-Allegion post!

From Glen Buckner of Allegion, some beautiful doors and hardware at the old Louisiana State House:

Hinge  Lever  Pot Belly

There is a higher resolution photo of the lever here on FlickrUPDATE: This hardware was made by Accurate Lock.

And here’s a photo of the same doors from Albany Woodworks, who provided the flooring in this room:

Louisiana Statehouse

From Jason Relyea of Allegion, a couple of issues found during a recent punch list walk-through:

A creative (an inexpensive!) new hold-open product…

Trash Bag Hold Open

And a closer with a built-in stop (spring-cush) where the door hits the masonry before the arm contacts the stop on the closer shoe.  Oops.

Cush Problem

This photo is actually from me (I’m a reader too!).  It’s the second means of egress from a dance studio where I attended a class.  When I snuck over to check out the exit, there was someone changing in there!

Dance Studio Egress Door

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy working with our specwriter apprentices?  😀  Well, they didn’t bring me an apple last week, but one of them (Matt Linch) took this photo (they’re catching Door Fever already!):

Airport Emergency Exit

I hope to see some of you here in Dallas soon!

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