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May 07 2014

WW: Self-Closing

Category: Door Closers,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 8:10 am Comments (7)

This is not the first time my friend Bob Jutzi has left me Wordless.  😉

In the second photo it’s a little more obvious that a small “shelf” has been installed above the lowest closer to keep the cable/turnbuckle from conflicting with the closer.

Each door is 3′-9″ wide x 10′-0″ high.  The doors are thought to be original to the building, built in the 1880’s.

3 Closers are Better than 1  3 Closers

7 Responses to “WW: Self-Closing”

  1. Joel Luper says:

    I’ve never before seen a door that is sags upward (the top of the turnbuckle is on the meeting/strike edge of the door). With the cylinder lock, this doesn’t look like an egress door. Unless there is severe pressure differential at the door that keeps the door from closing, why would 3 closers be required (especially since the door appears to swing toward us in the picture)?

    • Eric Henken says:

      Maybe the cable is there to take a bow out of the door. It looks like there are wood standoffs at the horizontal rails forcing the cable off the face off the door. Notice the washers upper left and lower right they may be for the cable on the other side of the door holding up the sag and causing the bow.

  2. Tom Breese says:

    Sad. We’re starved for beautiful old doors out here on the Left Coast, and to see them mistreated like this kinda hurts.

  3. Keith Krienke says:



  4. Chuck says:

    Is that a fusible link 3/4 of the way up the cable on the door on the left?
    Maybe the cable pops behind the lower closer’s arm when the door is opened, acting as a hold-open device and the link allows it to close if there is fire licking at the door?

    Just kidding! there can be no rational explanation for this mess! 🙂

  5. NKT says:

    What were they thinking? Clearly they need professional help.

    The only thing I can think of is that this is a door closer factory?

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