I’m in Carmel, Indiana tonight, to work on a project with the Allegion Marketing team tomorrow.  I stopped at an outdoor mall to replace something I forgot to pack (I know some of you are tempted to guess what I forgot, but let’s let it go and focus on the question below :)).  As I was checking out the variety of doors in the mall, mostly aluminum storefront, it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to get some input on this:

What is your preferred method for hanging an aluminum storefront door, and why?  What are the considerations – aesthetics, function, durability…others?

Pair 1 has butt hinges – I didn’t whip out my tape measure, but 4 hinges per door leaf usually indicates a door that is more than 90 inches tall.

Pair 2 – Hinges again…what do you think about the back-to-back pulls with no horizontal push bar across the glass?

Pair 3 has 3 hinges per leaf, and an application that’s one of my (many) pet peeves.  If you know what it is, what product application would you propose instead?

Pair 4 – I went through a pivot phase at one point…probably because of the fancy projects I was working on at the time.  Do any of you have a preference for pivots?  This pair has only top and bottom pivots.  Also – the bottom rails don’t meet the requirement for a 10″ flush surface.

Pair 5 has intermediate pivots along with the top and bottom set.  What about these pulls?  Do you think they meet the accessibility standards?

Pair 6 has geared continuous hinges.  If continuous hinges are your preference for aluminum storefront, do you like to use geared or pin-in-barrel type?


This is unrelated to the hinge question, but I was looking for a photo of a rain drip the other day and saw this one at the mall.  If I’m remembering my hardware school lessons correctly, there appears to be a problem with the installation of the drip…can anyone see the issue?

Also unrelated but I saw this during my shopping trip and thought it was kinda cool…the storefront shown here is actually printed on fabric to cover a temporary wall during construction.  There’s a temporary door under the fabric, and the creative locking method is pictured below.


Now, back to the question of the day…what type of hanging mechanism is your preference for aluminum storefront, and why?

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