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Jan 10 2014

FF: Random Creativity

If any of you attended DHI’s AH2 class in Savannah, Georgia back in the Good Old Days, you may have had one of my all-time favorite instructors – Bob Jutzi.  I actually use a lot of his techniques when I teach, to try to make my classes more engaging and dare I say “fun”?  I don’t have a flat-cat Earl, but I still have the monkey from my AH2 class (and a monkey arm from another year).  Bob sent me the photos below so if you want to leave him a “howdy” you can do so in the comments.

Bob has obviously been holding out on me because I’ve mentioned at least twice how much I enjoy seeing panics on bathroom doors (once, twice).  This is a first though – a single restroom with a panic?  I could insert an inappropriate comment here but I will hold it.  😉

hp photosmart 720

This spring hinge / closing device may get the job done (sort of), but it’s a little tough on the door:

hp photosmart 720

This very cool revolving door wouldn’t meet the egress requirements, but it’s very creative.  All 3 of these photos were taken in Italy – this one at an art gallery.

hp photosmart 720

Just a couple of days ago, one of my favorite architects asked me how to detail a fire-rated opening in a masonry wall.  I did NOT suggest this application…the frame is bolted to the face of the wall, and the existing opening is actually smaller than the new one so it reduces the clear width.  Yes, this is a fire door assembly, and according to Bob it was approved by the AHJ.

hp photosmart 720

hp photosmart 720

hp photosmart 720

hp photosmart 720

Have a great weekend, y’all!

11 Responses to “FF: Random Creativity”

  1. Julia says:

    Loved AH2 and Jutzi. Learned more about practical application (hardware and otherwise) from this wise old hardware guru! Miss him and I am very glad you remember and carry on his legacy!

  2. Bill Elliott says:

    Thank you Bob for the pictures. I remember when you took the picture at the art gallery. I also remember the good times in Savannah and the mention of the “cat killers”. I still use the term when talking about spring hinges. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Connie says:

    This brings back memories!
    Lori, so great to see you carrying on! Good Luck!

  4. Daniel Ferry, AHC says:

    That opening does not meet 3 hour requirements.
    90 minute max for pair HM doors swinging in same direction with LBR devices. Even then, you need the auxiliary fire bolt.
    And if they were just bolting this to the wall, why use such a large jamb depth? Strange.
    Guess original intentions were to demo existing and install new, but structurally, this could not be done.

    • Lori says:

      I agree! I don’t know for sure that the blue door is a 3-hour opening…that was just the call I got from an architect. I will clarify to avoid confusion. It’s a terrible application!

  5. Lisa Beebe says:

    Jutzi’s the Best, Always has been always will be….but, Hornyak’s not bad either 🙂

  6. cda says:

    web sites says they do”’ We also offer antique hardware restoration including: stripping paint, cleaning, polishing, re-plating, and repairing and re-keying locks. We also stock spindles, set screws, and all the parts and pieces needed to restore an old house.”’

    Has to be other similar companies out there

  7. Big Al says:

    All of Jutz’s students had him off and on for sessions that he was in from of them instructing. I had him Jutz’s for a whole week all of the time and for years at the school. And you know what, I loved every minute of it! Was and is always great to spend time with that man. The whole gang of instructors, Horn Man, Horse Teeth, Connie and Jutz were the best that I ever instructed with.

  8. erin randolph says:

    That’s my dad, ya’ll. Imagine my joy at your observations 🙂 he really is cool.

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