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Mar 07 2014

FF: Security Solution

The 5th and final recipient of a $50 Amazon gift card in honor of iDigHardware’s 5th birthday is Brian Adrian of DH Pace!  Brian sent me a great collection of his favorites, some of which I’m saving for future posts.  But check out this Fixed-It Friday Winner!

Security problem, solved!*

Security Problem Solved

* Obviously this is not code-compliant if it is an egress door (which I’m guessing it is).  With limited exceptions, doors required for egress must unlatch with one operation.

One Response to “FF: Security Solution”

  1. Gerald Austin says:

    Looks like the measures they took were somewhat effective against the breaking and entering issue. They need the 1/2″ deck steel version for a door with the “I” beam door frame and probably a few concrete filled steel posts outside to prevent someone from crashing a stolen concrete mixer truck through the door. Maybe some wireless, battery powered cameras covering all angles and broadcasting to a secret remote site would help too. (I know everyone loves sophisticated humor on a Friday)

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