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Dec 13 2013

FF: Lock Fix

I will admit…new mortise locks can be pricey.  Luckily they usually last for decades.  But there comes a time when even a heavy duty mortise lock needs to retire.

Lock Fix

Thank you to Darren Patton and Nick Bobeck of Isenhour Door Installation Solutions for the photo!

10 Responses to “FF: Lock Fix”

  1. Rachel Smith says:

    Looks like it could use a new door to go around the new lock!

  2. Dick Hart says:

    Glad to see one side was ADA compliant.

  3. Rich says:

    Did that used to be a Corbin green case? I probably have all the parts on hand to bring that relic back to life. Just one of the perks of working for a place with the space to keep everything and having over 40,000 locking doors to maintain. We still have many of those in use, but we are renovating out at least 50 a year.

  4. Rich says:

    It is really amazing to see a customer’s face when we tell them we had a part (broken spring) on the shelf to fix a Sargent mortise lock that said Pat. aug 31, 09 on the case. As in an original lock body for a building constructed in 1916. Yes we have so many doors that ADA upgrades will take years yet to complete

  5. Doug McColl says:

    Looks like something from aboard a junk freighter in the Sargasso Sea!

  6. Safecrackin Sammy says:

    Notice the artistry in the repair.

    That outer knob is old style US10B with some nice wear. Not the 10B that you see on things coming off the shelf these days.

    Look how closely the finish on the inside tee handle matches the outside knob…

  7. Luis Marrero says:

    This Picture is hilarious!!! 🙂


    I’m always amazed at how cheap people are when it comes to door and lock hardware. Yet it is the most important aspect of their security needs. People go figure !!!

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