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Aug 22 2012

WW: Measure Twice Drill 8 Times

I recently saw this closer prep on a brand-new fire door.  Now what?

12 Responses to “WW: Measure Twice Drill 8 Times”

  1. Kent Krauser, AHC says:

    Bondo…where is my Bondo???? Or,
    Clem, I told you I needed them big ole area washers….see I need them now!

  2. Brad Keyes says:

    Seems like something I would do….

    • Lori says:

      If I didn’t know better I would think it was my husband’s handiwork, but I have the power tools under lock and key. 🙂

  3. Nolan thrope says:

    Somebody didn’t measure from the bottom of the stop.

  4. Daniel Ferry, AHC says:

    Often seen on pairs of doors where they are using a coordinator.
    The contractor will install the closers first to keep the doors closed, then come back at a later date and install the balance of the hardware and realize their mistake.
    Does not matter how many notes you put on the hardware heading about installing the coordinator prior to installing the closers.

    • Lori says:

      This one didn’t have a coordinator – it had 2 LBR devices. I’m thinking Nolan may be right and they measured from the top of the door instead of the bottom of the stop.

  5. Andy Lindenberg says:

    Unfortunately, this is not that uncommon. They seem to pass out the title of “Carpenter” far too easily.

  6. Nathan Langley says:

    We write continuous weatherstrip to be installed under the door closer shoe, which drops the closer 1/4″. I include a note in the door heading to install weatherstrip before door closer, but I can see this type thing happening in the field with this application. Would a fire-rated caulk be a solution here?

  7. Eric says:

    I agree with Nolan. This happens all the time.
    I also agree with Daniel Ferry……installers don’t read the notes in the schedule. Just like the architects don’t read the submittal before they approve it. I put questions throughout my submittal with BIG stars and full lines of question marks to make the inquiry stand-out and they still come back with no remarks. It’s crazy.

  8. Mike McDonough says:

    seems like a good time to use the new product you posted just the other day.

  9. Michael Gianoli says:

    This problem could be easily solved with the Universal closer 4061 which includes an universal mounting plate….sizes 1 through 6….

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