I’m going to be traveling a fair amount over the next couple of months, and if you’ll be where I am I’d love to see you!  This afternoon I am headed to our office in Carmel, Indiana, to continue training our newest batch of specwriter apprentices.  The door and hardware industry seems to always have trouble attracting new people, and specwriters are usually created over a long career filling other roles in the industry.  Well, Bill Lawliss and I have risen to the challenge and are working with some recent college graduates to teach them everything we know about doors and hardware.  They’ve already learned a lot and this week we will continue with some more training on hardware applications.  If you or anyone you know might be interested in participating in this training program in the future, let me know!

In a few weeks I will be at CONSTRUCT 2012 in Phoenix (September 12-14)!  This is my first trip to the CSI conference and I’m excited to be there along with our Arizona spec team.  I’ll also be attending the inaugural meeting of the CSisters…a group which provides a constructive and supportive environment for professional and personal growth for women in the construction industry, and specifically, CSI members.  I will have an extra pin to give away, so if you’d like to attend this meeting and nobody else has claimed the pin, I’m happy to share.  I’ll be spending some time in our booth – #739, so come on over and see the new Concealed Vertical Cable exit device and register to win an iPad!

October 9th-11th I’ll be in Tucson for the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) fall meeting.  I joined the BHMA Codes and Government Affairs group this year and I’m really enjoying it.  This group creates code change proposals and reviews and comments on proposals submitted by others, for any industry-related code or standard that is up for revision.  We are currently working on changes to ICC A117.1 – Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities.  It’s great to learn from the others on the committee, share my insight, and be involved with the code development process.  It will be my first BHMA meeting so if you’re there and you see me looking a little lost, help me out!

The following week (October 17th and 18th) I’ll be headed back to the Southwest to CoNEXTions, the Door & Hardware Institute (DHI) conference in Las Vegas.  I always love to attend the DHI conference and see so many of my old friends, but this year is extra-special because I will be receiving an award – the DHI Fellow Award (I’m a fellow!  :-)).  Awards will be presented at the Forum for the Future Kick-Off Luncheon on Wednesday, so I hope to see you there, or in our booth at the trade show.

And finally, after a couple of local meetings where I’ll be seeing some of you who are my Ingersoll Rand compañeros, I’m headed to San Diego for the Arc-US  forum.  There are some great presentations scheduled and we will be meeting individually with architectural firms to discuss their needs and how we can work better together.  If you work for an architectural firm and some of your colleagues will be attending, ask them to look me up!

I hope to have time during my travels to continue to post regularly on my blog and to finish categorizing all of the photos so the Image Search feature will be ready for you to use.  I’m sure I’ll see some interesting doors along the way, so you can expect to share my travels with me, as usual.  If you know of any doors I should check out in these cities, let me know!

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