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Aug 05 2010

Reader Photos

Some creative and unusual hardware applications sent in by blog readers:

From James Caron of Kamco Supply of New England, a rated elevator door with deactivated spring hinges and a luggage cart just in case they suddenly became self-closing again, and a mismatched mag-holder and armature location rectified with a chain:

Sent by Bob Caron from Kelley Brothers of New England, wood boxes with push plates mounted on them, built over surface vertical rods.  These are on a federal building in Vermont.  I’ll bet the architect didn’t have this in mind when he visualized this opening.

And a funky old closer from Tom Riddle of the Mid-Atlantic office of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies:

Thanks everyone, and keep the photos coming!

Update:  Frequent blog reader and door closer lover Jess identified the “funky old closer” as a Kant-Slam gate/door closer (here’s a link).  Thanks Jess!

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7 Responses to “Reader Photos”

  1. Jess says:

    Lori, another good post, maybe can you tell the people that own the building about that fire rated elevator door that is a violation to have it held open with a cart

    about the door with chain mag holder, I guess if they dont have the money to get an exension rod or alternative mag holder, a chain will do although I don’t think it’s up to code to use a chain for that purpose

    funky old closer, what you found was a closer that’s installed on the pull side of gates and doors called the KANT-SLAM, its not all that commonly seen, I guess because some people don’t want to see this big black mechanical “spider” on their gate of door, but they do claim to get the job of closing the door done.

    I do spy one minor issue with the one pictured, it’s missing one of the extension springs on the side of the cylinder in the middle, or possible owner of this one chooses to do this to make door easier to open

    more info about the closer:

    • Lori says:

      Hi Jess –

      Thanks for identifying the Kant Slam. I’ve never seen one! The person who took the photo of the elevator door did mention it to the hotel and they didn’t do anything about it. Just one of the reasons we need fire door inspections. I think what may have happened on the mag holder is that the magnet portion was mounted first and then the armature bolts conflicted with the top latch. There are extensions available but it’s not acceptable to “rig something up.” I see it all the time though.

      – Lori

  2. Bob Caron says:

    The spring with pneumatic dampening closer is brilliant! I love the ingenuity of yesterday’s engineers. It must be fun to watch this thing in action.

    • Jess says:

      Bob, yes thy are intresting to see in action, first time i ever seen one was on ebay when i was still in technical school,

      they are actually hydraulic, not pneumatic, sorry bob.

  3. Robin Greenberg says:

    The mag hold on a chain is a code violation? Please explain further.
    Thank you

    • Lori says:

      Hi Robin –

      Most magnetic holders incorporate a rod when an extension is required. I have seen a UK manufacturer that uses a chain, but there is a risk of the chain preventing the fire door from closing if it is flipped over the top of the door. It’s not uncommon to see a field retrofit involving a chain, but because magnetic holders are UL listed, it is not acceptable to modify the design with non-listed components. If you find a US manufacturer of magnetic holders that uses a chain, let me know. I checked a few but there may be one that I’m not aware of.

      – Lori

  4. Robin Greenberg says:

    Thank you Lori.
    As always, your blog is wonderful and helpful.

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