Last month, I shared some photos of my trip to Stone Town in Zanzibar.  I got a lot of great feedback, and since it is a travel weekend for many, I’m sharing photos from my visit to Prison Island.  A former prison and quarantine station, the island is now a tourist destination and home to dozens of Aldabra giant tortoises.  And I have to say…the egress provisions were fantastic, especially since most of the egress routes are not within enclosed buildings.

These doors are on the main entrance to the prison/quarantine area:



The blue doors look like they have been replaced in the style of the original doors to the cells (note that they lock from the outside, although not very securely):



I wonder if there was a different type of fence in the past, because if not, these doors did not do much for security:


At one time, someone constructed a vacation home on the island, and this is the door to enter the compound:


Impressive means of egress signage, including a marked tree as the meeting point during a fire:



And a few more details…


Happy Thanksgiving, and send me some photos!  😀

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